We are Vision


Petra Pretorius

Creative Director

James Wolhuter

Head of Strategy & Content

Founded in

in 2010

What started out as a Web Development Agency, soon converted to a Digital Marketing Agency based on the demand from our clients - from there Banadipe Marketing has set out to be as unique as its name - making this Digital Marketing Agency stand out above the other traditional marketing agencies, proving that a strong and healthy brand can indeed be built from nothing. 

Combined, Banadipe Marketing's team has more than 20 years of Digital Marketing experience, working within both the Business to Business and Business to Consumer sectors. Our clients are well-known brands within the Manufacturing, Finance & Investment, Entertainment, Hospitality, Automotive, Transport, and Construction industries.

We see ourselves as digitally creative, strategic thinkers, analyzing each business' wants and needs in line with their goals and objectives - from there we create a digital strategy designed to improve the user's experience, generate revenue, expand the digital presence and build lasting professional relationships.  

Each of our Digital Marketing Strategies is seen as an investment, the first step to investing time, creative ideas, skills, and knowledge into a business, transforming them into the thought- and innovative leaders within their industry. 

The goals and objectives in our strategies mean that we look at how established a business is within their industry, compared to where they want to be - identifying problems, and creating solutions to solve these problems to improve the digital experience and help the business grow towards their goals.